Name: Adrienne Randle, artistically known as, "Addie Rawr"

Location: Norfolk, VA

About: Adrienne Randle hails from Norfolk, VA and received her Bachelors in Creative Advertising from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) while creating her brainchild, Art & Ambition - the heart and soul of everything Addie. After creating, selling and networking for years, Addie is ready to share what she's learned and what has helped her along the way. She has created a space that allows her supporters or any upcoming artist, entrepreneur and artreprenurs into her journey as she turns Art & Ambition into a full service creative agency!


Social Media: IG @addierawr; FB @addierawrrr; Pinterest @addierawrrr


What does being a "black girl who paints" mean to Addie? 

"Being a black girl who paints allows me to have a voice in three powerful ways - being a woman, being black, and being artistic! I know that I have the power within me to create conversations and give new perspectives."

Waiting for a BGWP Norfolk Meetup? Don't worry, it's coming! Until then, if you're in the Norfolk, VAarea, get in touch with Addie. Connect, support, and follow her journey! We're super blessed to have Addie in our BGWP family and can't wait to see what this year has in store!

Name: Jamie Isaac, also known as, "Jaine Creates"

Location: Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area (DMV)

About: Jamie Isaac is a multimedia artist + maker who received her degree in Studio Art from Montgomery College and launched her “Jaine Creates: Handmade and Painted Collection” soon after. Currently, Jamie focuses on a variety of mediums, including painting, jewelry making, photography , and design. Her enjoyment comes from the pure experimentation of making art with different materials and letting her feelings explode into her work. She stays true to the saying, “artists can make anything out of nothing.”


Social Media:  IG @jainecreates (business) & @jainewashere (personal); FB @jainecreates


What does being a "black girl who paints" mean to Jamie? 

Exactly that, a Black Woman who loves to paint - where I'm free to express myself as I choose and no one else has the power to dictate how I do. I create my own art community while also building my community.

Looking for a BGWP DMV Meetup? Connect with Jamie! Support and follow her journey, too! Jamie is a dope addition to our BGWP family and has much in store! :)

Name: Michelle Alexander, artistically known as, “The Pour Artist NJ"

Location: Newark, NJ

About: In 2014, after more than a decade of teaching Art to K-12 students and a bartender, Michelle Alexander decided to expand instruction to clients who wanted to create Art for social events. As an Artist, she creates original artwork for her portfolio and clients.  She is an Art Advocate, who mentors students and encourages individuals from all art forms to inspire through their medium.  The Pour Artist NJ is an Art-preneur with a mission to expose individuals of all ages to the Arts and inspire unrestrained creativity. 


Social Media: IG @thepourartistnj; FB The Pour Artist NJ


What does being a "black girl who paints" mean to Michelle?

Being a "black girl who paints" means that I'm committed to being myself and doing exactly what I've been created to do.  After years of listening to people saying how being an artist isn't a career and won't provide security, it's time for me to prove them wrong and share my gift with the world.

Are you in the East Orange, Newark, or Bloomfield area? Perfect! Connect with Michelle! Her journey has been inspirational thus far! We can’t wait to see what Michelle has in store and what she brings to the BGWP family! Get ready for a BGWP NJ Meetup coming soon!

Name: Stacie Monday

Location: Dallas, TX

About: Stacie Monday is originally from Tulsa, OKlahoma. She began painting in 2014 and is self taught. Her primary medium is acrylics, but she is also a photographer. Her work has two purposes; to celebrate African American women and to be an activist in her community. Her art includes her struggles, experiences, and lessons learned as a woman in America. Each painting is filled with vibrant colors and is full of emotion. She creates the art she needed to see when she was growing up. She is honored to be a storyteller in her community.


Social Media:  IG @artbymonday; FB @artbymonday


What does being a "black girl who paints" mean to Stacie? 

It means being free to create no matter what the world throws at you. We are inspiring the younger generation to follow their dreams.

Looking for a BGWP Dallas-Fort Worth Meet Up? Get in contact with Stacie! She’s an awesome artist and resource. The BGWP family is excited to see what unfolds throughout Stacie’s art journey!

Name: Maya Peréz

Location: Oklahoma City, OK

About: Maya Peréz’s love for art began as soon as she was able to hold a pencil. Countless watercolors and coloring books opened her heart to the joy of creating. Over the years, painting has shown Maya a whole new world of direction and purpose! Art is truly something magical that allows her to connect with life on a level deeper than she had ever imagined. As such, much of Maya’s art reflects themes of nature, female empowerment, the cosmos, and whimsical designs.


Social Media: IG @creativeillusion1; FB @creativeillusion1


What does being a "black girl who paints" mean to Maya? 

Being apart of BGWP means I belong to a sisterhood of artists dedicated to painting, having a voice, and showing up and being seen.

Are you in the Oklahoma City area? Perfect, connect with Maya! She’s a great resource and all-around dope artist! We're super excited to have Maya in our BGWP family and can't wait to see what she has planned up her sleeve!