BGWP supports actual Black girl painters!

Each month, two girls between the ages of 6-18 will receive the Girls Award, a $100 e-gift card to an art store for supplies. Each Spring and Fall semester, two students between the ages of 17-21 currently enrolled at least part-time in a visual arts program will receive the Student Award, a $750 academic award to help offset the cost of art supplies, program fees, food, academic expenses, etc.! All award recipients are highlighted on our website, marketing materials, and Mahyue Magazine.



A portion of every membership fee goes towards the BGWP Award Fund, as this initiative is 100% funded by the BGWP community - members and don0rs. If you are interested in directly supporting the artistic pursuits of Black girl and teen painters across the globe, please consider donating and/or joining our membership! As our membership and funding grows, that number of e-gift cards and academic awards will increase. Let's be the change that we wish to see!