Now more than ever, women are stepping into their full potential and rejecting preconceived limitations. Women are securing leadership positions, permeating through male-dominated industries, and pursuing their own ventures. Not only are we aspiring to be powerful women who dominate in our careers, we are making conscious efforts to learn and empower ourselves. More conversations surrounding body positivity, mental health awareness, and women empowerment are not only being discussed, but celebrated, as well. Essentially, women (and girls and girls alike) are taking control of their own narratives and placing much emphasis on self-love and mastery. It’s beautiful to see women refusing to let their past define them and focusing on selfhood. Who would’ve imagined we’d be openly discussing ourselves autonomously. This is so amazing!

By nurturing and mastering yourself, you can virtually master anything. This is why self-care so important. It affects how we navigate the world around us and how we see our purpose/place within it. We have to focus on self: self-love, self-care, self-enlightenment, etc., especially as women in the arts. Our art is a direct reflection of ourselves no matter how hard we try to fight it. The more work we put in internally, the more work we put out (create). If you’re in a creative rut and finding it hard to create, think about your art as a result of you and look inside. Figure out who you are, what you like, and speak positivity into your own life. Your thoughts are powerful and can manifest in different ways. Love all parts of yourself, internally and externally. Become comfortable in your own skin and trust in your innate gifts (they are invaluable). Aim to define your own narrative and do not allow society to dictate how you take ownership of your life and story. Pour that same amount of passion and drive back into yourself no matter how far you climb. When you focus on selfhood, your art will have no choice but to naturally cultivate itself. You’ll be more inclined to try new techniques, gravitate towards things that make your spirit feel alive, and tackle any obstacle that comes your way. You’ll start finding opportunities that you claimed beforehand. You are strong and can control your thoughts. After all, self care plus a little bit of luck fuels success!