This page is dedicated to those who are helping support our mission – the success and positive reinforcement of Black girls, teens, and students in their artistic pursuits and the inclusion of Black women in the arts. The work we're doing now is to lessen some of the obstacles for the next generation tomorrow. Thanks for your generous contributions!


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Megan Robson

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Blair Duckworth, Eames Armstrong Studio, The Roaring Artist, Samantha Schecter, Diana Smith, Holly Holloway, Molly Lantagne, Maya Zaido / Shadow Witness, Andrea Ampig, Alrue Callands, Julie Amlin, Karin Rutkin, Alexandra Catherine Studio, Allison Belolan Art, Amanda Martin, Annie Norbeck, Ashley Johnson, Robert Norris, Clara McGee, Dena Peterson Fine Art, Shadia Weeks, Gia Peppers, Noreen Sarhene, & Mattie Made Prints