What does it mean to be a BGWP?

Being a BGWP means more than just being a black girl (woman) who paints. A BGWP utilizes her talents to create images that reflect the grand diversity of our community, believes in filling gaps from the past and present while uplifting and empowering sisterhood, and invests in our future generations by seizing growth opportunities. Essentially, a BGWP is committed to showing up, being seen, and telling her story.

What does the BGWP Membership grant me access to?

BGWP Membership grants access to the The BGWP Portal, a private curated collection of content, and The BGWP Directory (Find a BGWP), a resource database for actual BGWP to post their information, location, services, and upcoming events to the public in one place. Each member will receive their own login and password information to enter the portal and update the directory.

Who can become a BGWP Member?

The BGWP Membership/Portal is open to all black women/girls who paint, those who want to learn from black women who paint, AND those interested in increasing their artistic and/or creative businesses.

How do I update my Find A BGWP Directory information?

At the moment, the Find A BGWP Directory and BGWP Portal operate on separate platforms (you must create/update your directory account via The Portal). If you haven’t already registered for the directory, you can sign up here. Use the same email and password for easier login to both. If you already have a directory account, type your name and email as it currently appears in the directory and it will automatically populate and log you back in.

I would like to cancel my membership. Will I still have access to the content for the months I was a member? 

The way that membership sites work is that the subscription allows you to have access to all of the content for as long as you are an active member. This is the same if you are a member for 1 month or 12. Once your membership ends, your access to the content is closed and your directory profile will be deleted within 24-48 hours. There are no refunds.

I would like to start a new membership after I cancelled my old membership.

All are welcome to join the BGWP Membership at any time. However, if you return after a prior cancellation, a $45 fee plus the current monthly membership rate are required. Please note, membership is name and email specific.

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