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Our platform has grown so much since September 2017 that our resources and scope have also increased to support our needs. The BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT website is filled with awesome content and we’re only highlighting BGWP Members on our Features page moving forward! If you’d like to have your an in-depth perspective of your art journey showcased on our website, submit your answers below.

2-3 features will be chosen at random on a monthly basis! If chosen, you will be emailed directly for your headshot, photos of your work, and additional information. Thanks!

(Full Name and/or Artist Name)
(City and State)
(1-2 paragraphs)
Are you doing art full or part-time? How long have you been pursuing art? What got you started in art? How would you describe your purpose as an artist? 4-6 sentences at minimum
Are you still in that occupation? What prompted you to pursue art and what did your transition (if any) look like? (your defining moment/life experience; did you wake up one day and quit an old job or did you have a plan/save for a few months then quit? how were you able to to travel during your time of finding yourself? Did you have support? 4-6 sentences at minimum
Could be internal, external, a person, faith, etc., determination; how are you maintaining working as an artist full time and maintaining your part/full time job. 4-6 sentence minimum
Why/how was this achievement so important to you? How have you applied what you learned during that process to your current work? 4-6 sentence minimum
What other forms of art do you do/participate in? How closely, if at all, does your work align with your values/personality/style? What makes your art unique? What are your values? How have you been able to translate yourself onto canvas? could be internal or external growth, opportunity, resources, etc. 4-6 sentence minimum
How did you begin using it and why do you continue? Could be choice in colors, muse, subject, form of mixed media. 2-3 sentence minimum
What are some ways/life hacks that have helped keep you motivated and helped you get through creative blocks? 4-6 sentence minimum
May be a pros and cons list, how to organize your time and priorities, importance of having a mentor, etc. 4-6 sentence minimum
2-3 sentence minimum
You can include any upcoming shows, events, creative ventures, or goals here too