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Name: Gi Carmel

Location: Paris, France

Bio: Originally from the French West Indies (Martinique), Gi Carmel is a 31 year old artist who currently lives in Paris. For the past two to three years, Gi has renewed her love for creativity while continuing to draw and paint in her spare time. With aspirations of becoming a graphic designer and illustrator in the near future, digital painting is her current medium of choice. Gi works on multiple projects to hone her talents and figure out new ways to connect with her creative side. Trusting the process enables her to further understand herself and the direction of her work. She creates art that inspires others to think and promotes personal development, creativity, relationships, and feminine energy. 

Website: www.gicarmel.com (creative articles written in french - use Google Translator if needed)

Social Media: Instagram @gicarmel

Who are your 3 biggest influences and why? 

Nobody influences me in particular and at the same time, everyone influences me in a certain way. I watch a lot of visuals on Instagram, Pinterest, while surfing the web. I am drawn to artists who represent women and femininity because that's how I represent myself in my art. In the past, I wasn't comfortable with my own femininity and even questioned it many time. Now, I embrace it. I love to draw and paint all kinds of women!

Which creative medium, other than painting, would you love to pursue but haven't yet? 

Other than currently pursuing digital painting and design, I have tested many other forms of expression: dance, sewing, singing, etc. I think writing suits me best! I used to write a lot at one point, as my blog was dedicated to creativity and my readings. I'll go back to writing for sure soon.

What music, movie, book, or magazine gets you ready to paint, and why? 

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron literally changed my life and the way I see things. This book and all the activities allowed me to reconnect with my creativity and test different forms of art. It's an amazing book if you are looking to be more creative or feeling a little blocked.  Also, the paintings of Tatiana Poblah, are a great inspiration. She's an amazing artist who only paints girls. She actually motivated me to start digital painting!