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Name: Melissa C. Beauchamp, known by the artist name Mass Creatvty

Location: Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Bio: A Fort Lauderdale Florida based photographer and fine artist, Mass Creatvty is a business founded in 2012 by Melissa C. Beauchamp also known as Melissa Charyse. The name "Mass Creatvty" was created to encompass all that I am in the art field. I'm just a naturally creatve person, so to label myself under one particular title would be unjust. I also wanted a name that represented the art industry in general. Anyone can be massively Creatve, hence the absense of the letter 'i'. Its not just about me, its about art as a community, and as a culture

Online Portfolio: MassCreatvty.weebly.com

Online Store: MassCreatvty.storenvy.com

Email: MelissaCharyse@yahoo.com

Social Media: Instagram @MassCreatvty, Facebook Mass Creatvty & Twitter @MassCreatvty

1. How do you measure your artistic growth? And why?

In the last few months I’ve learned to measure my growth by the amount of lives I touch with my art. Monetary profits mean nothing to me If I don’t invoke some kind of emotion from the people who view my work. I feel like artists can sometimes get so caught up in the popularity and profit of our work, we lose sight of why we create. I remember feeling like my work served no real purpose until a young lady wrote me a message saying how she had fallen out of love with art and how coming across my work inspired her to start drawing again. I've gotten many messages similar to that and I think  that’s how growth should be measured. By the amount of people you touch and inspire through your work.

2. What was your scariest experience so far in your art journey and how did you overcome?

I don’t think I've had a defining scary experience as of yet, but I remember being extremely nervous when I painted my very first fedora. I didn’t know how it would be received from my followers and supporters because it was unlike any of my other works so I was a bit apprehensive about releasing it. By the time I had finished the hat I had fallen in love with it and that was enough for me. Once I posted it the feedback I was received was so positive, and It just let me know that my art was and is embraced and valued.

3. Aside from your paint and brushes, what is one item that you cant be caught without when creating and why?

A great musical playlist is an absolute must have! Music has a way of making a creative setting for me and every time  I paint, music is my most important accessory. My favorite genre is Jazz, so anything with Miles Davis, John Coltrane, or Charlie Parker is a definite go to.