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Name: Nigeria Barbour/Nige’s Art

Location: Hampton, VA

Bio: I am Nigeria Barbour. For me creating art is to express spontaneous colors and to be free at doing what I love. I've been fascinated with art all my life. I decided I would quit my full time job to pursue my dreams. My favorite pieces of work push and motivate me more. I love to challenge my self with no limits.  

Website: www.nigesart.bigcartel.com

Social media: Instagram @nigesart

How is my personality reflected in my art?

I love colors and I love to express that in surrealism painting. I’m a very colorful person and colors make me feel uplifted and free to express. 

How do you overcome creative blocks?

I always carry a small sketchbook and doodle any thing that I imagine, I also make sure to have fun with all my creations and never throw work away. I work with it until I love it. 

What does a black women who paints mean to me?

It gives us a platform to glow and show true talent as the beautiful black women that we are.