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Name: Chanté Morren aka LaChanteArte 

Location: Originally from Sangre Grande, Trinidad and Tobago but migrated to Brooklyn, NY

Age: 18

Grade in School: Freshman in College

What is your biggest art accomplishment to date and why? 

To date my biggest art accomplishment would be making it onto the poster of my high school spring art show in 2016. When I was accepted to my high school which is an art HS, Brooklyn High School of the Arts and I saw the artwork that was in the hallways I would always say, “ I could never do that”. My art was placed in the very back of the shows, but over the years as I practiced more, I began to see my growth as an artist and others began to see it too. With every piece my art teacher would say “This is the best one yet” and the younger me would have said, “I COULD NEVER DO THAT”. Goes to show that you should never doubt yourself and so much is possible with dedication, challenging yourself and the right support system. 

What do you like the most about your art and why?

I’ve loved art and creating art since the Crayola days and I want to continue to carry out my ideas by means of my art. It is my therapy, how I express my innermost feelings and emotions that I can’t really put into words or even thoughts. A way for me to escape without even leaving home. I just love to see the expressions of the individuals who commission my art especially when they cry because I know that I did my job right. Also when I show people I meet my art for the first time and they say, “You did that?”, it’s the best and most priceless feeling.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

I have witnessed much growth in the past five years of my life, so five years into the future I just want to grow in my art, grow as a person and grow in all other aspects. I never want to stop creating art. My passion is to paint.

What are your career goals? 

Well right now I am working towards my Bachelors and I see myself hopefully graduated from college and starting my career as either a graphic designer or an art teacher or a fine artist, whatever I am doing I just want to be happy and creating art.

What does being a "black girl who paints" mean to you? 

To be a young, black, female, artist means a lot to me. For centuries we have only seen art peices with the subject being one skin tone. I feel like it is my duty to create art pieces that are unique, in that most of my art work relates to my life in the present, past and future, my culture, my feelings, my issues. I’m want other black girls to empathize with and understand where I am coming from, the message I am communicating by means of my art.

Website: https://chante3010.wixsite.com/lachantearte

Social Media: IG @lachantearte