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Name: Jaiye

Location: Atlanta, GA

Bio: Jaiye, artist behind byJaiye creations, is from Trinidad and Tobago but Atlanta has been very welcoming and warm to her these past few years. Being in such a creatively saturated city, it’s almost impossible not to tap into your hobbies and artistry. She creates, paints with acrylic, sometimes gouache and sells original artwork. She does live paintings, participates in showcases, hosts events like Sip-n-Paints and art parties and consistently aiming to broaden her skill set and brand.

Her art is often a reflection of her feelings or her observations through an expressionism perspective. Using portraits, merging contrasting concepts, or tackling detailed landscapes scenes, painting is an opportunity for her to say things she wouldn't have previously spoken, loud and apologetically through visual content. The ability to be bold and vulnerable simultaneously, telling stories and evoking emotion with vibrant paint colors is therapeutic, but witnessing it resonate with others has created a sense of purpose for her‍. Currently, as she experiments with other mediums, developing her style, skill and brand, her artwork continues to pleasantly surprise her and leave others in awe.

Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ByJaiye

Social Media: IG: @byJaiye; Twitter: @byJaiye; FB: @byJaiye

Describe your experience as a current artist.

Creating art, in its many forms, has always been a past time I enjoy. Around the ending of 2016, i randomly grabbed paints and brushes and tapped into my artistic perspective, striving to better understand and express my emotions during a transitional phase. Painting my feelings and ideas bursting in my mind transformed from a hobby to a part time grind that takes all my time. I don’t mind. Currently, my visual art allows me to be vulnerable and bold, and has truly given me purpose. Whether merging concepts creating something beautiful or helping others make their own masterpieces when hosting painting classes, art is just the prettiest therapy.

What was your occupation/education prior to becoming an artist?

I graduated Georgia Southern University with my degree in Business Marketing and I put it to use as it’s applicable in both a corporate and creative environment; whether a Marketing Manager for a client or my art work, it’s an investment. While, it took saving and quitting my job to grant me the free time in which I rediscovered my talents, juggling employment is necessary and hard, but provides a sort of balance for me.

What was your biggest challenge in pursuing art and how did you overcome it?

Having bigger ideas than my budget is always a frustrating obstacle. But tackling one thing at a time at the best time and developing organized strategies for frugal and smooth execution makes each goal a little easier to accomplish.

Describe your biggest milestone or project/series achieved since pursuing your art. 

Hosting my own Sip and Paint classes has been an achievement that keeps giving. I get to wear so many hats and have a blast doing it. I’m an artist, I’m an event planner, I’m patient thus a teacher, I’m goofy and articulate thus, a charming host, and I’m probably tipsy too. Step by step, guiding a class to create something beautiful that they are proud, however, is the best buzz.

How does your personal style and identity translate into your artwork?  

My style is a reflection of  my identity, my feelings and my observations. I use myself as a muse in my paintings to sometimes convey a personal message or convenience with portrait studies or physical reference. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I translate my mood onto a canvas.

What is one thing that makes your art unique? 

I enjoy combining contrasting concepts into one piece to create intriguing painting that can tell a layered and complex story. A half Jellyfish half Woman beaming through a half sea half galactic background isn’t a regular sighting, but it is one of my favorite art pieces. Symbolizing growth and glowing up,  the metallic highlights are a nice touch too. While in other artworks, the metallics are just really nice on the eyes.

What is your favorite art technique and why?

Freehand acrylic portraits are easily a favorite.There’s freedom in focusing on adding emotion to the portrait through color, abstract shapes and shadow values versus the sometimes stifling struggle to obtain exact real life likeness. 

How do you maintain your mental health and inspiration? 

Painting is the therapy for me, so once I rid myself of the lunatic idea that everything created will be amazing it became easier to create. I have a brainstorm chart where I write down whatever inspired me in its appropriate grid and mix and match and reference for inspiration later. Grid themes include texture, color schemes, animals etc.

What is some advice or tips you would give to a fellow BGWP interested in furthering their art goals and/or owning her own business?  

PROGRESSION NOT PERFECTION. No creation is ever a fail, so remove the pressure and focus on what you can learn, improve or try different next time.

What does being a "black girl who paints" means to you?

Being a black girl who paints means I interpret the world through a dynamic perspective. No secret that black girls are magical, and it shows in my art. I create with my vulnerability in bold in hopes to inspire others, especially my black girls.