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Name: Tyler Clark, artisticlly known as “Inspire by Tyler”

Location: Chicago, IL

Artist Bio: Tyler is an analyst by day and an artist by night. She enjoys creating paintings that have multi-dimensional elements such as fabric, jewelry and hair.  She attended Spelman College and Georgia Institute of Technology, studying Mathematics and Mechanical Engineering. Tyler always enjoyed art as a platform to express her creativity, but once she realized it was therapeutic for her, she decided to pour more into it. Inspire by Tyler is her brand which encompasses art, motivational speaking and scholarship. Tyler’s goal is to use her art to inspire others. Let’s connect!

Website: Under construction (www.inspirebytyler.com)

Social Media: IG @InspirebyTyler

Describe your experience as a current artist. 

I am a part time artist with a full time corporate job.  I always loved art but didn’t have much time to take art classes in school as my academic career progressed in STEM.  Once I started my engineering program at Georgia Institute of Technology, I realized this was something I wanted to focus on post graduation. My goal as an artist is to inspire people and encourage self-love.  

What was your occupation prior to becoming an artist? 

I have a corporate job, my position is to support revenue management and help develop a new optimization system.  I value consistency in my finances and I appreciate using the technical side of my brain.  My goal is to continue to grow my business as an artist and see where it can take me. 

What was your biggest challenge in pursuing art and how did you overcome it?

My biggest challenge has been to find balance. Having a full time job makes it difficult to have the energy to paint. It honestly comes down to wanting something bad enough and being willing to make it work.  I can’t expect to reach the level of success I desire without putting the work in.  I know God will order my steps, and that is exactly what has gotten me to this point so far.

Describe your biggest milestone or project/series achieved since pursuing your art.

I have had a bunch of amazing opportunities as an artist.  One of the biggest testimonies has been having my art auctioned off in the Wearable Arts Gala in LA.  This was a career elevating opportunity that allowed me to connect with people on a greater platform.  This allowed me to meet Chloe and Halle and paint a portrait for them.  They even invited me to OTRII tour! Let me tell you, God is so good and is working on me!

How does your personal style and identity translate into your artwork? 

I love making my art feel real by adding hair, fabric and jewelry.  I add multi-dimensional elements to my art. People love seeing hair on my canvases. It draws people in. I like to create images that are esthetically pleasing, so I am very thoughtful about the color choices. I also love natural beauty, you will see this captured in my work.  The skin tones and hair textures are so beautiful to me. We have so much versatility. I am also growing in some major ways in my spirituality and my goal is to create artwork that can help people see how good God is. I want people to grow in their faith through my work.

What is your favorite art technique and why?

I love to add texture to my work. My mother used to add African fabric to her art back in the day. She had this beautiful fabric and let me use it. I added a headwrap to a woman on my canvas. Ever since then I decided to keep trying new things and be free with my creativity.

How do you maintain your mental health and inspiration?

I listen to sermons and gospel music all the time.  Growing closer to God allows me to have new vision.  I get so many new ideas and I see a huge difference in the quality and direction of my art.

What is some advice or tips you would give to a fellow BGWP interested in furthering their art goals and/or owning her own business? 

Don’t give up! Keep going, even when it is difficult. You never know what may be the painting that can go viral or bring you into some amazing spaces. Put yourself out there and be okay with hearing no sometimes. I believe no’s will prepare you for an even bigger YES!

What does being a "black girl who paints" means to you?

It means working hard and not giving up, breaking barriers and encouraging others along the way.

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