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Welcome to the BGWP Portal membership sign up page!

The #1 question I get aside from how to get featured on our Instagram or what is the BGWP Portal is, “how do I get more sales?” Next is, “how do I increase my reach/find the right audience?” Let’s face it, likes and followers are great but don’t always equate to sales or the meaningful “exposure” we really need in terms of the art word. Not to mention, a lot of us are self-taught artists with little to no formal training or education in the arts, business, or entrepreneurship. Simple answer: research and ground work has to be done. You have to do much more outside of social media if you want to be successful AND sustainable. After all, if social media crashed/or your account(s) were disabled today, where would your art/business be?

Hence the BGWP Portal, a collection of resources compiled to assist you in your art journey! It’s a monthly/yearly exclusive membership that provides access to private content, including:

  • Find A BGWP Directory where all inquiries/requests for BGWPs are directed (add your information)

  • Events calendar for monthly IG themes (submit up to 3 months in advance) and discounted Meet Ups

  • Advice blog (2-4 posts per month by our founder, intern, and BGWP contributors)

  • Deals from our BGWP Partners and Art Companies to help propel your business forward

  • 20% Off Member Shop

  • More coming soon (including Tutorials Page from other BGWPs and Webinar Classroom from guest speakers)

For only $15 a month or $151 yearly (19% savings), members get more than just any old regular subscription. Plus, all ambassadors, Features, and reposts on our Instagram/Facebook page are now members only too - an extra nudge to actively participate in the bigger picture of BLACK GIRLS WHO PAINT!

We’re utilizing BGWP not only as a global tool to find and connect BGWP to each other and potential clients, but as a resource to help our budding entrepreneurs and cultural community, as well. A lot of time and effort has gone into the Portal and Directory to better streamline information, relevant content, and opportunities. It’s affordable and a useful resource as long as it’s applied! The goal has always been to build sisterhood, community, and positive representation throughout our artistic endeavors. In continuing this mission via professional/personal development and group economics, I want to truly encourage and empower other women to invest in themselves, their craft(s), and their business! So if you're interested, join today here!  

- Sasha-Loriene, Founder and CEO of BGWP, Owner of Sasha-Loriene LLC